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ZWV as a thought leader

The third article could show ZWV as a thought leader - How AI & NLP is changing the  advertising and market research industries.  (I was thinking specifically of a tie-in to ZWV's first investment in Wizer - why we made this investment, a road map article - could be a great way to promote ZWV with start-ups - why would you want to approach ZWV for an investment and how ZWV would determine if your company is a good portfolio fit). 
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ZWV's program

ZWV's program marries capital with hands-on, real world experience.  ZWV doesn't just invest capital but provides the strategic know-how to accelerate growth, build product and have a meaningful financial event (exit, acquisition).
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Corporate Venture Capital

Introductory article on Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) and how it enables a culture of innovation - should be tailored specifically for an advertising agency.  Agencies typically do not have the resources (time/people/strategic focus) or speed to power innovation.  CVC provides a corporation or agency with the opportunity to fast track innovation by partnering with cutting edge start-ups. Why innovation is strategically important to an agency.
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