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These days it takes an eternity to launch, market and grow a wellness product.

Most get mired down in the abyss of funding, product development, market testing, roll out and product refinement. That’s a lot of time before you can even see if your idea can make a difference in someone’s life.

We believe in disrupting the time suck of bringing healthcare products to market. At ZOOMWORKS, we have a proven track record of rapid testing game-changing solutions that impact people’s lives. Making a difference – in a fraction of the time. Now that’s zoom.

Ideas With ZOOM

Ideas with ZOOM.

Zoom is more than speed. Zoom is that special something-something a product offers that tickles the soul of its customer.

Take HurryCane for example. The world didn’t need another cane. So we completely reinvented the archaic walking stick into something truly remarkable. What started as an idea on a napkin became a national sensation (not to mention the #1 selling cane in America). The result is a cane that truly stands alone, with legions of customer evangelists who swear it gave them their zoom back. Read case study.

Mass Media. Lean Inventory.


Our secret sauce is in how we launch.

When something zooms, we bring the boom. We develop the brand. Create the commercials. Develop ecommerce and a customer service strategy. Then we go big with mass media. We launch every idea through national direct response television and radio with the help of our sister agency, Marketing Architects. We don’t spend months behind the glass of a focus group listening to a group of people ponder the pros and cons of our idea. Our focus group is the entire United States. And this group votes with their wallet. If an idea zooms, we’ll know it in a big way, virtually overnight.

On the flip side, we take a small approach to inventory. We market before we manufacture at scale. This allows us the leanest inventory possible until we’re confident the product we’re testing will change lives.


Brands that ZOOM

Great thinking is built into every product.

The world doesn’t need another me-too product sitting on the store shelf. It needs brands that impact people’s lives. Something to give them mobility. Or freedom from pain. Or hope. We need to replace redundant with revolutionary.

From creating the #1 Selling Cane in America to redefining home sinus treatment, ZOOMWORKS has a history of creating brands that zoom with healthcare products that forever change the landscape of wellness. Want proof? Check out the HurryCane story here.

Are you ready to ZOOM?

ZOOMWORKS direct response health products

Want to do something big together? Our partnerships run far and wide. From intellectual property development to sourcing and manufacturing, we value our domestic and international relationships. Together, we’re making a difference. Together, we zoom.

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